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We are a business networking group open to membership for all business professionals who want to contribute to the economic development and growth in Airdrie.

No Membership Fees

Administrators of the Airdrie Business Network are volunteers and don't collect any money or charge any fees. The time and efforts to run and to organize the Airdrie Business Network is done through pure volunteerism with the goal of economic growth and development in the community of Airdrie.

Why Join the Airdrie Business Network

Our power is in the numbers! Our goal is to grow the Airdrie Business Network to a level that makes an impact on key community decisions and have an influence in business affairs to advance the economic growth and development of the Airdrie community.

We are forward thinking. 

We accept multiple members from the same industry as we believe that there is valuable information to be shared within the same industries. 

Businesses and professionals that are members of the Airdrie Business Network will have greater opportunities through deepened relationships to have our meetings and events hosted by their businesses and use the services they offer.  Thereby immediately increasing business and economic growth for the Airdrie community.

We will always accept new members and as the city of Airdrie grows, so will we.

We have weekly meetings hosted at different venues in Airdrie at different times so that the schedule is flexible to permit everyone to participate at a time convenient to their busy schedule as participation is a key factor to the success of this networking group.

We also have social events for members throughout the year.

If you reside outside of Airdrie you can still become a member if you conduct or own business in Airdrie.

About Us

Supporting Your Business

Through networking and idea sharing. Sharing best practices and success stories as well as marketing and business strategies to help grow your business.

Combined Experience

All our members will have proven themselves to follow this groups high ethical standards and best business practices guidelines. The combined experience of our privileged members will offer an outlet to share, learn and network. We also have guest speakers who are experts in their industry or practice. 

Service and Reliability

The goal of the Business Networking Group in Airdrie is to promote business development and marketing in Airdrie, improve and benchmark new ideas through networking. Businesses and professionals who are members in this group will aim to provide exceptional service and reliability.

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Ash Dawodharry - President

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